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Bonne fête aux Adolphe, Félix, Héloïse, Hilarion, Rogatien, Saturnin, Victoire !

The chance of a computer crash is directly proportional to the importance of the document that you are working on.

Les palettes de ces dames

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Des graphistes se sont amusés à compiler les dominantes des tenues d'Elisabeth II et d'Hillary Clinton. Hillary, comme d'habitude, devra mieux faire.

Cliquez sur les imagettes pour les agrandir.

queen colorshillary colors

Bonne fête aux Arnô, Scholastique, Sotère !

When you say "I wrote a program that crashed Windows", people just stare at you blankly and say 'Hey, I got those with the system, *for free*'.
Linus Torvalds


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Bonne fête aux Agathe, Avit !

What the Democrats are suggesting, basically, about a withdrawal — you can call it redeployment, whatever you want to call it. Basically, it in effect validates the terrorists' strategy. You've got to remember that the Osama bin Laden-types, the al Qaeda-types, the Zarqawi-types that have been active in Iraq are betting that ultimately they can break the United States' will. There's no way they can defeat us militarily. Their whole strategy, if you look at what bin Laden's been saying for 10 years, is they believe they can, in fact, force us to quit, that ultimately we'll get tired of the fight, that we don't have the stomach for a long, tough battle and that we'll pack it in and go home. If we were to do that it would be devastating from the standpoint of the global war on terror. It would affect what happens in Afghanistan. It would make it difficult for us to persuade the Iranians to give up their aspirations for nuclear weapons. It would threaten the stability of regimes like Musharraf in Pakistan and the Saudis in Saudi Arabia. It is absolutely the worst possible thing we could do at this point. It would be to validate and encourage the terrorists by doing exactly what they want us to do.
Dick Cheney

50 faits intéressants sur l'Australie

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Bonne fête aux Aventin, Bérénice, Gilbert, Hadelind, Raban, Vanessa, Véronique !

Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?
Friedrich Nietzsche

D'où viennent ces expressions en anglais ?

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Bonne fête aux Anschaire, Blaise, Claudine, Marguerite, Werburge !

Les filles ont ceci pour elles qu'elles le sont toujours un peu plus qu'on ne pensait.
Georges Courteline


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Bonne fête aux Marcella, Tobie !

Well informed people know it is impossible to transmit the voice over wires and that were it possible to do so, the thing would be of no practical value.
Editorial in the Boston Post, 1865

Commander Genius

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Commander Genius est le portage gratuit du jeu Commander Keen vers de nombreuses plateformes.

Bonne fête aux Armentaire, Jacinthe, Martine !

I do not believe that any type of religion should ever be introduced into the public schools of the United States.
Thomas Edison

Quelques instruments électroniques microtonaux modernes

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Vidéo trouvée ici.

Bonne fête aux Gentile, Gildas, Sulpice !

Les hommes s'imaginent faire des enfants, alors qu'ils ne font que d'autres hommes.
San Antonio, San-antoniaiseries

ça gagne-t-y ou ça gagne-t-y pas ?

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boogienightspants Voilà qui devrait répondre aux djeunz qui hésitent entre une carrière dans porno ou dans le djihad (mais ça c'est vraiment pour les plus cons).

Bonne fête aux Angèle, Dévote, Julien, Vitalien !

Coroner: My only question is how did she come to have sex with the dead guy?
Dante Hicks: She thought it was me.
Coroner: What kind of convenience store do you run here?


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Bonne fête aux Albéric, Ammonas, Mélanie, Paula, Pauline, Timothée, Tite, Xénophon !

Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.
Louis Brandeis

speedcubing sous Linux

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