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Bonne fête aux Jacques, Valentine !

This job would be great if it wasn't for the fucking customers.
Randal Graves

Mode vacances

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mode vacances

Bonne fête aux Christine, Ségolène !

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Les sarmas façon "keto"

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Plus de détails ici.

Bonne fête aux Brigitte, Liboire !

Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn't.
Friedrich Nietzsche


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Bonne fête aux Arbogaste, Daniel, Victor !

If there has to be a blood bath, let's get it over with.
Ronald Reagan, Vietnam

Quand nettoyer quoi ?

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quand laver quoi

Bonne fête aux Aurèle, Elie, Léon-Ignace, Marguerite, Vulmer !

I am the master of the C.L.I.T. Remember this fucking face. Whenever you see C.L.I.T., you'll see this fucking face. I make that shit work. It does whatever the fuck I tell it to. No one rules the C.L.I.T like me. Not this little fuck, none of you little fucks out there. I AM THE C.L.I.T. COMMANDER! Remember that, commander of all C.L.I.T.s! When it comes down to business, this is what I do. I pinch it like this. OOH you little fuck. Then I rub my nose with it.


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Bonne fête aux Arsène, Aura, Aurea, Epaphras, Symmaque !

"Nobody can come up with a good argument for eating animals—nobody can. People as some kind of a joke say, well, ‘It's tasty,' but it's only tasty once you garnish it and you put salt and pepper, and you cook it, and you have to do 300 things to it to disguise its true taste. If you put garnishes on a chair or fabric, it would probably taste quite nice."

L'ex-futur-re-présidans-la-fransse a fêlé

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On comprend pourquoi c'est le premier président qui n'est pas passé à l'Académie pour faire valider son français…

Nicolas Sarkozy etranger expulsee

Bonne fête aux Arnoul, Arnould, Arnoult, Frédéric, et surtout, bon anniversaire à Val !

The United States is not nearly so concerned that its acts be kept secret from its intended victims as it is that the American people not know of them.
Ramsey Clark

Fukushima en 2016

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Man sneaks into Fukushima's Red Exclusion Zone and shows a town untouched since March 2011 that has never been seen by the public.

Bonne fête aux Carmel, Carmen, Elvire !

The press, the machine, the railway, the telegraph are premises whose thousand-year conclusion no one has yet dared to draw.
Friedrich Nietzsche


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salade nicoiseVoici un moyen délicieux de témoigner de notre solidarité avec les pauvres Niçois.

Bonne fête aux Bonaventure, Vladimir !

When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.
Jack Gurney - "The Ruling Class"

Grosses bites et petits vagins

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la taille du zboubVoici tout ce que l'on doit savoir sur les dimensions de nos engins sexuels.

Bonne fête aux Clélia, Eugène, Henri, Joël, Maure, Mildred !

"There are a lot of Americans I sympathise with very much, but not the Government right now, no. We just do not agree on politics, but that's not being Anti-American. I am critical about a country with a system that allows so many losers. I think that is wrong."
Lars von Trier


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