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Bonne fête aux Erhard, Gudule, Lucien, Peggy !

The man who accumulates, whether money or knowledge, can never be free.
J. Krishnamurthi

Hello, Tibo !

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Je signale aux intéressé(emais chhhht, Marie pourrait mal le prendre)s la venue de notre cher Tibo parmi nous…
Pour le feed, c’est ici.

Trou Blanc

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Trou blancCommençons par citer nos sources :

“Although I am a biologist, I have not done any research. I may not be able to say who developed the (HIV) virus but it was meant to wipe out the black race,”

Wangari Maathai, biologiste et Prix Nobel de la Paix 2004.

Puis, si on s’en réfère à l’info du jour :,1286,66198,00.html

Genetic resistance to AIDS works in different ways and appears in different ethnic groups. The most powerful form of resistance, caused by a genetic defect, is limited to people with European or Central Asian heritage. An estimated 1 percent of people descended from Northern Europeans are virtually immune to AIDS infection, with Swedes the most likely to be protected. One theory suggests that the mutation developed in Scandinavia and moved southward with Viking raiders.

Vous avez dit trou blanc ?

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