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Never express yourself more clearly than you think.
Neils Bohr


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Ca ne s’invente pas !

Voici les mots-clefs entrés dans des moteurs de recherche par des internautes ayant visité le site de Tompox:

Top 19 sur un total de 19 groupes de mots-clés
# Hits Mots-clés
1 4 15.38% amoure
2 2 7.69% engliche
3 2 7.69% géry
4 2 7.69% s’est quoi l’amoure voire image
5 2 7.69% skin winamp
6 1 3.85% anniversaire dany de vito
7 1 3.85% bousin definition
8 1 3.85% comment faire l’amoure entre la femme et son marie avec des pho
9 1 3.85% dictionnaire de rimes
10 1 3.85% epingles crevette chemise
11 1 3.85% expo paris caca del
12 1 3.85% free remix software
13 1 3.85% je t aime trés fore tu es mon amour
14 1 3.85% je veut regarder un film de l’amoure
15 1 3.85% mirko
16 1 3.85% plaisir d’amoure
17 1 3.85% skins et punks
18 1 3.85% tamagotchi dependance
19 1 3.85% tant pis.mp3

WTC: 3000 / Ukraine : 4000000

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(Konnerie trouvée sur Slashdot : Dommage que les 2 ans des 2 écroulement soient passés…)

Ukraine loses 4 million people in 13 years without war

1.5 million Vietnamese nationals including 700,000 civilians were killed during ten years of the war in Vietnam

“The population of Ukraine counted 52 million people in 1992. In 2004, Ukraine turned to the country with less than 48 million people. Human losses made up not less than four million. As it turns out, there is absolutely no need to bomb a strategic partner or enemy to be able to lose four million people. Those people died because they were unable to adequately feed themselves and their children. They died because they could not afford
medicines and medical services. They passed away because of the social degradation and stresses, which were caused with the absence of any perspectives for the future. Seven million Ukrainians temporarily left their nation seeking better lives and jobs in Europe and Russia.

“If the situation continues, in thirty years Ukraine might have only a half of the population that was registered in 1991, the so-called crucial year. This is being perceived as an acceptable payment for “reforms” in Ukraine. 

“1.5 million Vietnamese nationals including 700,000 civilians were killed during ten years of the war in Vietnam. The country suffered such losses because of the war, when people were killed in fierce battles, when Vietnam was scorched and bombed, when the nation was economically blockaded.
Needless to say that Ukraine has not been going through such grief and destruction. However, the country’s losses tripled in comparison with Vietnam. Isn’t the world community supposed to be concerned about it?

“The USSR officially lost 13,833 people including 2,378 Ukrainians during nine years of the war in Afghanistan, in which the USA, Western Europe, Pakistan, Iran and several other states were indirectly standing against the Soviet Union. However, Ukraine lost four million people during 13 years of “reforms” as the nation was changing from the inefficient socioeconomic regime to the efficient one. It is easy to conclude which regime is more humane
at this point. Yet, it seems that no one even cares about millions of people, who lost their lives because of reformers’ fault.

“It brings up the idea that a lot other common Ukrainians will fall victims to the recent revolution in the country. It is an open secret that revolutions are organized by idealists, whereas fraudsters and scoundrels reap the fruits. If our orange revolutionaries do not understand that – it is their big problem. Nevertheless, if its organizers want to be revolutionaries, let them do it. However, they will have to contribute a revolutionary payment – their own skin – for its consequences too.”

Yuri Solomatin
Ukrainian deputy
The speech was delivered in the Ukrainian parliament on January 14th, 2005.

Pour Yoyo

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