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Bonne fte aux Gaane, Honorius, Jrme, Ours !

This war in Iraq makes millions of dollars for big corporations, either weapons manufacturers or those working in the reconstruction, such as Halliburton and its sister companies. . . It is crystal clear who benefits from igniting the fire of this war and this bloodshed: They are the merchants of war, the bloodsuckers who run the policy of the world from behind the scenes. President Bush and his ilk, the media giants, and the U.N. . . all are a fatal danger to the world, and the Zionist lobby is their most dangerous member. God willing, we will persist in fighting them. . .
Osama bin Laden

Pas de riz, patate!

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Vu chez Dvorak, une pub pour inciter les asiatiques bouffer des chips…

Bonne fte aux Alaric, Cyriaque, Gabriel, Michel, Raphal surtout bon anniversaire Kilian !

Nerf de la guerre
" l'argent rend beau "(Stallone)
Les Nuls


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Olivier a pens nous pendant ses vacances au soleil (ce truc haut-plac et habituellement chaud et clair qui a pris l'excrable habitude de se cacher en t)…

Bonne fte aux Eustochium, Faust, Lioba, Lucas, Venceslas !

Most people drive thru life with the parking brake on.
Lance Bradley

Jouons avec le Bash

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% cat "food in cans"
cat: can't open food in cans

% nice man woman
No manual entry for woman.

% "How would you rate Quayle's incompetence?
Unmatched ".

% Unmatched ".
Unmatched ".

% [Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
Missing ].

% ^How did the sex change operation go?^
Modifier failed.

% If I had a ( for every $ the Congress spent, what would I have?
Too many ('s.

% make love
Make: Don't know how to make love. Stop.

% sleep with me
bad character

% got a light?
No match.

% man: why did you get a divorce?
man:: Too many arguments.

% !:say, what is saccharine?
Bad substitute.

% %blow
%blow: No such job.

% \(-
(-: Command not found.

$ PATH=pretending! /usr/ucb/which sense
no sense in pretending!

$ drink matter
matter: cannot create

Trouv ici grce Digg.

Bonne fte aux Delphine, Elzar, Hiltrude, Vincent !

La pire des pestes est la raison humaine.
Jean Calvin


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Sad, sad fruit

Cliquez sur le lien pour voir le site o ce chef d'oeuvre a t trouv…

Bonne fte aux Charles, Cme, Damien, Damien, Eusbe, Nil, Ren !

Le plus beau compliment que je puisse faire une femme est de lui dire : je suis aussi bien avec toi que si j'tais tout seul.
Jean Yanne

Placid & Muzo (26/188)

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Placid & Muzo

Merci P&M

Bonne fte aux Colfrid, Hermann !

Les fraises ont un nez et les mres ont des oreilles.
Les Nuls

Comment se dsennuyer au boulot…

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Bonne fte aux Andoche, Gry, Mercedes, Pacifique, Silouane, Thcle, Ysarn !

Y a des gens qui ont des enfants parce qu'ils n'ont pas les moyens de s'offrir un chien.

Sacr service chez Dell

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Le service chez DellCherchez l'erreur dans la capture ci-contre… Effectue alors que je cherche un laptop sous Windows neuf le moins cher possible pour certaines activits.

Bonne fte aux Constant, Lin, Line !

It is your business, when the wall next door catches fire.


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Vu sur Digg : une galerie de 51 trs chouettes effets de texte…

effet 13effet 16effet 31effet 38

Bonne fte aux Maurice, Phocas, Salaberge, Silvain !

The '60s was really stupid ... It was a type of merchandising, Americans had this hideous weakness, they had this desire to be OK, fun guys and gals, and they haven't come to terms with the reality of the situation: we were not created equal. Some people can do carpentry, some people can do mathematics, some people are brain surgeons and some people are winos and that's the way it is, and we're not all the same. This concept of one world-ism, everything blended and smoothed out to this mediocre norm that everybody downgrades themselves to be is stupid. The '60s was merchandised to the public at large... My pet theory about the '60s is that there is a sinister plot behind it... The lessons learnt in the '60s about merchandising stupidity to the American public on a large scale have been used over and over again since that time.
Frank Zappa

Morphing classique

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Trouv chez Caplan :

voir aussi

Joyeux Automne et bonne fte aux Castor, Dborah, Jonas, L, Matthieu !

My music makes the mind think.
Frank Zappa

L'origine du nom d'Interlaken (for Dummies)

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Voici une explication plausible du nom de cette ville qu'aiment tant Japonais et Indiens (ralis avec DoubleTake)…

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