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Bonne fte aux Martial !

The philosopher has never killed any priests, whereas the priest has killed a great many philosophers.
Denis Diderot

Pour une gorge de th

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Si vous arrivez pied par la Chine et que vous dsirez y goter un th unique (pas forcment par sa qualit), vous avez encore du boulot, en juger par ce reportage

Bonne fte aux Marceau, Marcel, Paul, Pierre !

Organized religions by their very natures are misleading. The bottom line is always money. What thats got to do with your spiritual well-being still eludes me. Its always the bucks, no matter how they disguise it. If you need that sort of assistance to keep yourself together, you may be paying a higher rate to a fake religion than you would to a psychotherapist. Which is not to say that a psychotherapist is going to give you any better value per dollar either. lf youre going to deal with reality, youre going to have to make one big discovery: Reality is something that belongs to you as an individual. If you wanna grow up, which most people dont, the thing to do is take responsibility for your own reality and deal with it on your own terms. Dont expect that because you pay some money to somebody else or take a pledge or join a club or run down the street or wear a special bunch of clothes or play a certain sport or even drink Perrier water, its going to take care of everything for you. Because it all comes from inside. As a matter of fact, thats where it stays.
Frank Zappa

Mickey, junkie & dealer (15/31)

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Mickey deale de la drogue

Bonne fte aux Irne (Mirko) !

A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war and promoted international dissension will be ... surer of the noose than a private homicide.
H. G. Wells

Hobo Lobo Of Hamelin

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Voici Hobo Lobo Of Hamelin, un web comic incroyablement virtuose… et regardez dans quelle catgorie je place ce billet.

Bonne fte aux Crescent, Ferdinand, Fernand, Ladislas !

The '60s was really stupid ... It was a type of merchandising, Americans had this hideous weakness, they had this desire to be OK, fun guys and gals, and they haven't come to terms with the reality of the situation: we were not created equal. Some people can do carpentry, some people can do mathematics, some people are brain surgeons and some people are winos and that's the way it is, and we're not all the same. This concept of one world-ism, everything blended and smoothed out to this mediocre norm that everybody downgrades themselves to be is stupid. The '60s was merchandised to the public at large... My pet theory about the '60s is that there is a sinister plot behind it... The lessons learnt in the '60s about merchandising stupidity to the American public on a large scale have been used over and over again since that time.
Frank Zappa

Andromde aux micro-ondes

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Trouv ici.

Petit conseil en cas de lecture trop lente : lancez la lecture, puis pausez-la immdiatement, le temps qu'elle se tlcharge dans la mmoire tampon de l'applet. Relancez la lecture Sitt que la barre de progression aura atteint un certain niveau.

Credits where due: MERCI JW

Bonne fte aux Anthelme, Gabrielle, Josemaria, Maixent, Maxence, Plage, Saulve !

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.
Albert Einstein

Nick St. John

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Voici un auteur de webcomics remarquables. S'il n'est pas graphiquement surprenant, le story-telling est excellent. Lisez en particulier cette histoire.

Bonne fte aux Agilbert, Elonore, Prosper, Salomon !

The man who accumulates, whether money or knowledge, can never be free.
J. Krishnamurthi

Tais-toi quand tu parles

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Voici un classique de mon enfance…

Petit conseil en cas de lecture trop lente : lancez la lecture, puis pausez-la immdiatement, le temps qu'elle se tlcharge dans la mmoire tampon de l'applet. Relancez la lecture Sitt que la barre de progression aura atteint un certain niveau.

Credits where due: MERCI JW

Bonne fte aux Jean-Baptiste, Thodulphe !

J'ai des questions toutes vos rponses.
Woody Allen

L haut, sur la montagne…

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Panorama pris 8848m d'altitude trouv ici.

Bonne fte aux Etheldrede, Libert !

The tragedy of Canada is they could have had British culture, French cooking, and American technology, but instead they got American culture, British cooking, and French technology.

Le cerveau de Boltzmann

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C'est en consultant la page de la Wikipdia prsentant les phnomnes susceptibles d'tre observs trs long terme l'chelle de l'univers que j'ai dcouvert le concept du "Cerveau de Boltzmann".

Il s'agit d'une entit consciente et intelligente gnr partir du chaos environnant.

Il faudrait attendre 1010^50ans en moyenne pour en esprer la gnration spontane.

Bonne fte aux Alban, Aubin !

Les jeunes sont destins devenir des adultes
Jean-Pierre Raffarin

Mickey, junkie & dealer (14/31)

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Mickey deale de la drogue

Joyeux t et bonne fte aux Leufroy, Men, Raoul, Rodolphe, Rodolphe !

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.
Kahlil Gibran

Hollywood Career-O-Matic

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Trouv grce, Slate propose un amusant outil de minage des notes releves sur

Ci-aprs, une capture de l'outil prise alors que je comparais quelques James Bond et Steven Seagal (juste comme a) entre eux :

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