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Bonne fête aux Alain, Colombe, Sylvestre, Sylvie !

The color of the skin makes no difference. What is good and just for one is good and just for the other. And the Great Spirit made all men brothers.
White Shield, Arikara

Enrique Gomez De Molina

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Enrique Gomez De Molina est un taxidermiste porté sur l’étrange. Il mélange ainsi les dépouilles d’animaux qu’il reçoit.

Cela donne d’intéressantes quoique dérangeantes créations comme celle ci-après:

À noter, ce Monsieur a de gros problèmes avec la justice en raison de la protection dont font l’objet certaines de ses matières premières.

Bonne fête aux Roger !

Droit sur nous ?! Alors ils sont à bord ! Ne me demandez pas pourquoi ni comment, mais ils sont à bord. Fuyons !

Que ce dernier Friday Wear 2011 soit naturel!

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Voici un article décrivant les insolites habitudes sexuelles de 30 espèces animales.

Bonne fête aux David, Evroult, Trophime surtout bon anniversaire à PP !

Ca va couper, Chérie !

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Voici un article détaillant les techniques des chefs pour couper, trancher, tailler et ciseler les aliments.

Bonne fête aux Gaspard, Innocent !

On a dit que le génie était une longue patience. Et le mariage donc?
Alphonse Allais


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Bonne fête aux Fabiola, Jean surtout bon anniversaire à Petisuix et à Marie !

Les bons crus font les bonnes cuites.
Pierre Dac

Amputations for Gentlemen

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Merci à Yoyo!

Bonne fête aux Etienne !

The demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Pourquoi on croit mieux coder la nuit

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Tout est expliqué ici.

Joyeux Noël et bonne fête aux Adalsinde, Emmanuel, Eugénie, Jacopone, Jésus, Noël !

Why shouldn't I work for the N.S.A.? That's a tough one, but I'll take a shot. Say I'm working at N.S.A. Somebody puts a code on my desk, something nobody else can break. Maybe I take a shot at it and maybe I break it. And I'm real happy with myself, 'cause I did my job well. But maybe that code was the location of some rebel army in North Africa or the Middle East. Once they have that location, they bomb the village where the rebels were hiding and fifteen hundred people I never met, never had a no problem with get killed. Now the politicians are sayin', "Oh, Send in the marines to secure the area" 'cause they don't give a shit. It won't be their kid over there, gettin' shot. Just like it wasn't them when their number got called, 'cause they were pullin' a tour in the National Guard. It'll be some kid from Southie takin' shrapnel in the ass. And he comes back to find that the plant he used to work at got exported to the country he just got back from. And the guy who put the shrapnel in his ass got his old job, 'cause he'll work for fifteen cents a day and no bathroom breaks. Meanwhile he realizes the only reason he was over there in the first place was so we could install a government that would sell us oil at a good price. And of course the oil companies used the skirmish over there to scare up domestic oil prices. A cute little ancillary benefit for them, but it ain't helping my buddy at two-fifty a gallon. And they're takin' their sweet time bringin' the oil back of course, and maybe even took the liberty of hiring an alcoholic skipper who likes to drink martinis and fuckin' play slalom with the icebergs, and it ain't too long 'til he hits one, spills the oil and kills all the sea life in the North Atlantic. So now my buddy's out of work and he can't afford to drive, so he's got to walk to the fuckin' job interviews, which sucks 'cause the shrapnel in his ass is givin' him chronic hemorrhoids. And meanwhile he's starvin' 'cause every time he tries to get a bite to eat the only blue plate special they're servin' is North Atlantic scrod with Quaker State. So what did I think? I'm holdin' out for somethin' better. I figure fuck it, while I'm at it why not just shoot my buddy, take his job, give it to his sworn enemy, hike up gas prices, bomb a village, club a baby seal, hit the hash pipe and join the National Guard? I could be elected president.
Will Hunting

En ce jour heureux et plein d’allégresse…

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Trouvé ici.

Petit conseil en cas de lecture trop lente : lancez la lecture, puis pausez-la immédiatement, le temps qu’elle se télécharge dans la mémoire tampon de l’applet. Relancez la lecture Sitôt que la barre de progression aura atteint un certain niveau.

Credits where due: MERCI à JW

Bonne fête aux Adèle, Delphin !

I think that the proposition of going to Baghdad is also fallacious. I think if we we're going to remove Saddam Hussein we would have had to go all the way to Baghdad, we would have to commit a lot of force because I do not believe he would wait in the Presidential Palace for us to arrive. I think we'd have had to hunt him down. And once we'd done that and we'd gotten rid of Saddam Hussein and his government, then we'd have had to put another government in its place. What kind of government? Should it be a Sunni government or Shi'i government or a Kurdish government or Ba'athist regime? Or maybe we want to bring in some of the Islamic fundamentalists? How long would we have had to stay in Baghdad to keep that government in place? What would happen to the government once U.S. forces withdrew? How many casualties should the United States accept in that effort to try to create clarity and stability in a situation that is inherently unstable? I think it is vitally important for a President to know when to use military force. I think it is also very important for him to know when not to commit U.S. military force. And it's my view that the President got it right both times, that it would have been a mistake for us to get bogged down in the quagmire inside Iraq.
Dick Cheney

Génériques de films revisités façon rétro

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Tron revisité par Saul Bass… un exemple parmi tant d’autres tiré d’une liste trouvée ici.

Bonne fête aux Armand, Thorlak !

The doer alone learneth.
Friedrich Nietzsche

la quéquette de l'”âné”

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Voici une intéressante page de la wikipedia.

Non, il ne s’agit pas de la page présentant le “Monsieur” de monsieur Raspoutine, mais de la page de discussion au sujet de celle-ci.

Bonne fête aux Adam, Françoise-Xavière, Jutta !

If the First Amendment will protect a scumbag like me, it will protect all of you.
Larry Flynt


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J’ai déjà évoqué le Brainfuck en ces pages, en voici un interpréteur écrit en une ligne de Python:

(lambda t:(lambda a:(lambda b:(lambda l,e,s:((lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:e('v',(Y,o,N,A,t))or[e('v',(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t):({'>':(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:(Y,o,N+1,A+1,t)),'< ':(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:(Y,o,N-1,A+1,t)),'+':(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:((Y[:N]+[Y[N]+1]+Y[N+1:],o,N,A+1,t)if N>=0 else(Y,o[:-N-1]+[o[-N-1]+1]+o[-N:],N,A+1,t))),'-':(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:((Y[:N]+[Y[N]-1]+Y[N+1:],o,N,A+1,t)if N>=0 else(Y,o[:-N-1]+[o[-N-1]-1]+o[-N:],N,A+1,t))),'.':(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:__import__('sys').stdout.write(chr(Y[N] if N>=0 else o[-N-1]))or(Y,o,N,A+1,t)),',':(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:(Y[:N]+[ord(t[0])if len(t)else -1]+Y[N+1:]if A>=0 else Y,o[:-N-1]+[ord(t[0])if len(t)else -1]+o[-N:]if A<0 else o,N,A+1,t[1:])),'[':(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:(Y,o,N,n[A]+1 if(Y[N]==0 if N>=0 else o[-N-1]==0)else A+1,t)),']':(lambda(Y,o,N,A,t),a,n:(Y,o,N,n[A]+1 if(Y[N]>=1 if N>=0 else o[-N-1]>=1)else A+1,t))}[a[A]]((Y+[0]*(9+len(Y)) if A>=len(Y)-5 else Y,o+[0]*(9+len(o)) if -A>=len(o)-5 else o,N,A,t),a,n)if A]".count,open(__import__('sys').argv[1]).read())))(raw_input())

Trouvé ici mais pas testé.

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