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Bonne fête aux Ignace, Néot !

Mongol General: We have won again. That is good! But what is best in life?
Mongolian trainee: The open steppe, fleet horse, falcon on your wrist, wind in your hair!
Mongol General: Wrong! Conan, what is best in life?
Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!
Mongol General: That is good.

Pawel Kuczynski

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Pawel KuczynskiPawel Kuczynski est un talentueux illustrateur polonais.

Bonne fête aux Abdon, Juliette, Maxima !

If we'd been born where they were born and taught what they were taught, we would believe what they believe.
A church sign in Northern Ireland


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Bonne fête aux Béatrix, Loup, Marthe, Olav !

For example, the GPLv2 in no way limits your use of the software. If you're a mad scientist, you can use GPLv2'd software for your evil plans to take over the world ("Sharks with lasers on their heads!!"), and the GPLv2 just says that you have to give source code back. And that's OK by me. I like sharks with lasers. I just want the mad scientists of the world to pay me back in kind. I made source code available to them, they have to make their changes to it available to me. After that, they can fry me with their shark-mounted lasers all they want.
Linus Torvalds

Un peu de tapping?

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Bonne fête aux Nazaire, Samson !

"Un groupe de rock qui prétend avoir choisi l'underground, c'est comme une femme moche qui prétend avoir choisi le célibat..."
Didier Super

Encore du sweep picking ?

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Gibson Flying VVoici le guide Ultimate Guitar…

Bonne fête aux Célestin, Nathalie, Pantaléon !

Nothing overshadows truth so much as authority.
Leon Battista Alberti

Movie Body Count

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movie body countMovie Body Count rassemble le nombre de décès répertoriés dans des films connus.

Bonne fête aux Anne, Bartholomée, Eraste, Joachim, Joris !

The biggest conspiracy of all is the claim that there are no conspiracies!
Michael Rivero

Pardon my French

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Pardon my French

Pardon My French est un site où des internautes proposent des traductions de soupes morceaux célèbres… C’est souvent hilarant.

Bonne fête aux Jacques, Valentine !

ce n'est pas parce que tu aimes l'astrologie que tu es un con mais ca aide meme les socialistes !
Gérard Pacs


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Bonne fête aux Christine, Ségolène !

Nuclear explosions under the Nevada desert? What the fuck are we testing for? We already know the shit blows up.
Frank Zappa

Selfies revisited

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Voici une galerie de caricatures de selfies.

Bonne fête aux Brigitte, Liboire !

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.


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Bonne fête aux Madeleine, Ménélé, Wandrille !

All civilization has from time to time become a thin crust over a volcano of revolution.
Havelock Ellis

Quelques trucs de débrouille photo

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