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Bonne fête aux Ignace, Néot !

What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche


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pas miam

Bonne fête aux Abdon, Juliette, Maxima !

Zionism has many meanings. For sure, the common concept of Zionism includes the occupation, includes the perception that Jews have more rights in Palestine than anyone else, that the Jewish people are the chosen people, that there can’t be equality between Jews and Arabs, Jews and Palestinians. All those beliefs which are very basic in current Zionism, I can’t share them. In this sense, I can define myself as an anti-Zionist.
Gideon Levy


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Bristol Scale LoggerBristol est une app gratuite que j'ai réalisée pour répondre à la question "Comment allez-vous ?" de mon endocrinologue.

Un module de stats est prévu.

Bonne fête aux Béatrix, Loup, Marthe, Olav !

Dans la police, la mégalomanie se développe comme la coqueluche dans une école maternelle.
San Antonio, Réflexions jubilatoires sur l’existence

Au musée Malartre

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papamobile 1986

On y voit aussi la voiture d'Hitler et celle (présumée) d'Edith Piaf…

Bonne fête aux Nazaire, Samson !

Je m'appelle Jean Bombeur, je suis le super heros qui s'en va combattre l'invasion Hamburger.
Philippe Geluck

Batman Dead End

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Bonne fête aux Célestin, Nathalie, Pantaléon !

he only good reason to have money is this: so that you can tell any SOB in the world to go to hell.
Humphrey Bogart


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Bonne fête aux Anne, Bartholomée, Eraste, Joachim, Joris !

I did not attend his funeral; but I wrote a nice letter saying I approved of it....
Mark Twain

L'aubergine a poussé malgré la canicule !

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Bonne fête aux Jacques, Valentine !

You can't say civilizations don't advance, because they kill you in a new way in each war.
Will Rogers


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Bonne fête aux Christine, Ségolène !

Un prince sans pognon, c'est un taxi londonien sans essuie-glaces.
San Antonio, Réflexions jubilatoires sur l’existence

La sorcière de Wall Street

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Hetty GreenVoici Hetty Green, surnommée "La sorcière de Wall Street" : la financière la plus riche et la plus pingre de son époque !

Bonne fête aux Brigitte, Liboire !

The inventor of their heaven empties into it all the nations of the earth, in one common jumble. All are on an equality absolute, no one of them ranking another; they have to be "brothers"; they have to mix together, pray together, harp together, hosannah together--whites, niggers, Jews, everybody--there's no distinction. Here in the earth all nations hate each other, and every one of them hates the Jew. Yet every pious person adores that heaven and wants to get into it. He really does. And when he is in a holy rapture he thinks he thinks that if he were...
Mark Twain

Polona Typo

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Polona Typo

Voici un site qui génère des titres à partir de caractères aléatoires.

Bonne fête aux Madeleine, Ménélé, Wandrille !

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.
Friedrich Nietzsche

1000 bornes-rie

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1000 bornes-rie

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