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Bonne fête aux Ignace, Néot !

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.
Friedrich Nietzsche

La dissolution à la loupe

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Bonne fête aux Abdon, Juliette, Maxima !

Technology is dominated by two types of people -- those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand.


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Bonne fête aux Béatrix, Loup, Marthe, Olav !

Note that nobody reads every post in linux-kernel. In fact, nobody who expects to have time left over to actually do any real kernel work will read even half. Except Alan Cox, but he's actually not human, but about a thousand gnomes working in under-ground caves in Swansea. None of the individual gnomes read all the postings either, they just work together really well.
Linus Torvalds

On n’en fait pas qu’un fromage

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fromagesVoici un guide des principaux fromages, sauf qu’ils appellent l’Emmentaler suisse du “Swiss Cheese”.

Bonne fête aux Nazaire, Samson !

Si tu travailles avec un marteau-piqueur pendant un tremblement de terre, désynchronise-toi, sinon tu travailles pour rien
Jean-Claude Van Damme


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Bonne fête aux Célestin, Nathalie, Pantaléon !

The "kingdom of Heaven" is a condition of the heart - not something that comes "upon the earth" or "after death."
Friedrich Nietzsche

ça tourne !

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saturnLa photo n’est pas de nous mais correspond à ce que nous avons observé ce soir avec notre télescope.

Bonne fête aux Anne, Bartholomée, Eraste, Joachim, Joris !

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.
Abraham Lincoln

Bravo Solar Impulse !

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solar impulse 2 landing

Bonne fête aux Jacques, Valentine !

L’électroencéphalogramme de la Chiraquie est plat. Ce n'est plus l’Hôtel de Ville, c’est l’antichambre de la morgue. Chirac est mort, il ne manque plus que les trois dernières pelletées de terre.
Nicolas Sarkozy (1994)

Mode vacances

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mode vacances

Bonne fête aux Christine, Ségolène !

One-tenth of the folks run the world. One-tenth watch them run it, and the other eighty percent don't know what the hell's going on.
Jake Simmons

Les sarmas façon “keto”

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Plus de détails ici.

Bonne fête aux Brigitte, Liboire !

If, for some reason, we make some big mistake and IBM wins, my personal feeling is that we are going to enter a computer Dark Ages for about twenty years.
Steve Jobs


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Bonne fête aux Madeleine, Ménélé, Wandrille !

As soon as we become boring we die. Never ever become boring.
Chuck Palahniuk, in Invisible Monsters


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brrrrrr-uhIl existe en Afrique une tribu qui communique avec une famille spécifique d’oiseaux.
Ces oiseaux leurs indiquent où trouver du miel et en reçoivent en récompense.

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