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Bonne fête aux Odette, Théotime !

I was writing all kinds of positive and negative canons and weird inverted this and retrograde that and getting as spaced-out mathematically as I could and I was going "Wait a minute (laughs), who cares about that stuff?" I had always liked rhythm and blues so here I was stuck between the slide rule and the gut bucket somewhere and I decided that I would opt for a third road someplace in between.
Frank Zappa (From an 1972 interview to Martin Perlich. On giving up writing serial music.)

Le peintre regretté

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Avant d’être le politicien que l’on sait, Hitler a été peintre. Pas mauvais d’ailleurs, mais pas assez bon du goût de l’école des Beaux-Arts de Vienne. Pourtant il a même pas si mal vécu de son art, avant, hélas!, d’en changer…

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