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Bonne fête aux André, Maxence, Tugdual !

The language and concepts contained herein are guaranteed not to cause eternal torment in the place where the guy with the horns and pointed stick conducts his business.
Frank Zappa

Qu’en faire ?

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Bonne fête aux Radbod, Saturnin !

Le jour où la merde vaudra de l'or, les pauvres naîtront sans trou du cul.

Damn you Salazar!

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Pour les ceusses qui ne savent pas d’où me vient cette invective…

Bonne fête aux Quiéta, Sosthène !

There was a time when the feature was invariably preceded by a cartoon, and audiences smiled when they heard the theme music for "Looney Tunes" and "Merrie Melodies" from Warner Bros. Cartoons have long since been replaced by 20 minutes of paid commercials in many theaters, an emblem of the greed of exhibitors and their contempt for their audiences. In those golden days, the cartoon (and even a newsreel and a short subject) was a gift from the management.
Roger Ebert

Yngwie à l’Oeuvre

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Bonne fête aux Séverin, Siffrein, Virgile !

In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.
Robert G. Ingersoll

Kate Bush

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Bonne fête aux Conrad, Innocent, Sirice !

"La démocratie, c'est la dictature de la loi."
Vladimir Poutine, président de la Russie

Quand Staline mettait le nez dans le caca de Mao

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Voici un article de la BBC relatant cette étrange technique d’espionnage soviétique.

Bonne fête aux Catherine, Mercure !

You know, we don’t grow most of the food we eat. We wear clothes other people make. We speak a language that other people developed. We use a mathematics that other people evolved… I mean, we’re constantly taking things. It’s a wonderful, ecstatic feeling to create something that puts it back in the pool of human experience and knowledge.
Steve Jobs


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Bonne fête aux Chrysogone, Colman, Firmine, Flora, Pourçain !

The press, the machine, the railway, the telegraph are premises whose thousand-year conclusion no one has yet dared to draw.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Quand les animaux prennent la posture

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Voici une galerie de photos semblant destinée à illustrer la couverture de votre prochain album.

Bonne fête aux Clément, Colomban, Félicité, Lucrèce, Phalier, Rachilde, Trond !

For example, the GPLv2 in no way limits your use of the software. If you're a mad scientist, you can use GPLv2'd software for your evil plans to take over the world ("Sharks with lasers on their heads!!"), and the GPLv2 just says that you have to give source code back. And that's OK by me. I like sharks with lasers. I just want the mad scientists of the world to pay me back in kind. I made source code available to them, they have to make their changes to it available to me. After that, they can fry me with their shark-mounted lasers all they want.
Linus Torvalds

La multiplication à la manière japonaise

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Bonne fête aux Cécile, Philémon, Salvatore !

Sinon, moi ca va... l'ecole est bien sur un abattoir de creativite etc., mais je persevere.
Etienne, mon neveu d'Amérique

Snapshot 2

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Voici un super plugin pour les musiciens : Snapshot 2 de Non-Lethal Applications. …et le mieux c’est que c’est gratuit !

Bonne fête aux Dimitri, Gélase, Rufus !

Modern PCs are horrible. ACPI is a complete design disaster in every way. But we're kind of stuck with it. If any Intel people are listening to this and you had anything to do with ACPI, shoot yourself now, before you reproduce.
Linus Torvalds

Bruce Dickinson auditionné par Iron Maiden en 1981

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