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The cool-person syndrome is peculiarly American. Part of that has to do with the way the educational business is run in the U. S. It’s not based on how much you can teach your child: it’s based on how much money the suppliers of basic materials can make off your child. Somewhere along the line most people pick up the desire to be a cool person, which is just another way to make them buy things. Once you’ve decided that you need to be a cool person, it makes you a possible victim of anyone whose products are the equivalent of bottled smoke. Somebody tells you to buy this particularly useless item and you’ll be a cool person. No matter how stupid it seems, you have to buy it. Pet Rocks. Pringle’s potato chips. whatever it is — the newest, the latest. Since the cool-person thing is something you learn in school, and since the school business is pretty suspicious and definitely tied up with the government, it makes you wonder whether or not the desire to be cool is part of a government plot to make you buy stupid things.
Frank Zappa

L'ange français

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L'ogritude de Shrek n'est pas sortie que de l'imagination des gratte-papier de Dreamworks.

C'est un français souffrant d'acromégalie, Maurice Tillet, qui a émigré aux Tazunis où il est devenu lutteur, qui a inspiré ce personnage.

Vous trouverez plus de détails et de photos de ce monsieur ici.

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